Dr. Dane Simons, M.D.

 Dr. Dane Simons, M.D.

Personal Profile:

As a local resident of Matagorda County, Dr. Simons enjoys welcomed respite on his ranch. You’ll often find him making rounds at the Matagorda Regional Hospital or checking in on his patients at the Local Nursing Home Facilities, but in his spare time he enjoys working on his ranch, horse riding, water skiing, and golf. Admittedly, his favorite pastime is any activity involving his family, more specifically his daughter, Amber. 
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Dr. Dane Simons is no stranger to service in the Bay City area. He attributes his willingness to provide assistance here to the great role models he had as a child. His great-grandfather served as a General Practitioner when he moved to this area in 1893. Each following generation of the Simons’ family consisted of a physician serving this great community. 

Dr. Simons states, “I have been practicing Medicine in Matagorda County for over 20 years. I love the interaction I have with my patients and getting to know their entire family. I strive to make sure my patients don’t have to wait any longer than absolutely necessary for an appointment and am proud to have a staff here at the Medical Arts Clinic that treats all patients with the same friendly attitude and attention they deserve.”

 He sees patients of all ages including newborn, pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. He specializes in caring for the entire family. He tries to work with patients in areas such as physical exams, vaccinations, healthy lifestyle modifications including weight loss, diet, exercise, and multiple other preventative treatments for diseases caused by unhealthy living. He also treats diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cardiac disease, hypertension, COPD, irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid disorders, and multiple others.

A former team physician for area schools, Dr. Simons is familiar with treating most nonsurgical orthopedic problems, including joint injections. As a selected workers' comp physician for many of the local businesses, he handles a wide range of occupational medicine, including DOT physicals, fitness testing, and various workers’ compensation injuries. Dr. Simons also performs many minor surgical procedures such as cryotherapy, excision of various skin cancers, and treatment of other benign skin lesions.

 As a Family Practitioner, Dr. Simons can treat patients of all ages, regardless of their medical condition. Any patients that need specialty care or major surgery are given referrals to a select set of physicians whom he trusts and has confidence will give his patients the care he expects. Dr. Simons states, “I would not refer one of my patients to a specialist that I would not be comfortable in going to myself or treating my own family.”

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